BadAssVlad Cloned Donald Trump!

Wondered about the Donald Trump clone? Here it is! Fantasy spy action/adventure game inspired by fishy Trump Dossier and swanky Beauty Contest in Russia. A fascinating story how Russians kidnapped American businessman Don The “TweetClone” during Miss Universe in Moscow, cloned and put him in the White House! And so the Clone Donald Trump has been deployed! Have fun!
Curious why Russian agents did not interfere with 2020 US elections? Why Russians did not hack the Democratic servers this time? Well, because they did not have to. As we know now, Russian agents cloned Donald Trump and now one of his clones is in the White House! Yep, that is it, guys! Clone Donald Trump is fully functional and is quite effective! Clone Donald Trump is kicking asses! Donald Trump Clone is following orders as programmed… no glitches! But how many Donald Trump clones are out there? Well, we shall find out soon! Let’s discover together!

Mission 2. Birth of Clones.

Mission 2 is where all major battles are happening and is certainly more interactive and fun to play. Download it here:

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BadAsVlad is a fun game intended for the wide audience and does not require any special gaming skills. This is not a typical fighter genre game or strategy that requires intensive thinking or planning. Rather some elements of strategy and action combined with recent developments in Russia and United States, makes BadAsVlad extremely unique and fun to play.

blond-side-340The overall mission in the game is to find a way to the Beauty Contest venue, meet there the preselected target (Don The “TweenClone”) and invite him for the private reception in Kremlin. There special agents would replace him with the preprogrammed clone prototype DT1000. This will move the “Beautiful Tweet” – a secret FSB project – to its last stage. Sounds like an easy task? Well, that is not as easy as it sounds 🙂 The Player will be challenged by all kind of “Russian” obstacles while finding the way to the final destination… Remember, the ultimate stage in the game is a Beauty Contest venue – a place where you meet with Don The “TweetClone”. Good luck!

Mission 1. Don Dossier.

First mission serves as an introduction for the app game – BadAsVlad. Mission 2. Birth of Clones.

Mission 1 requires little interaction from the player – just sit back and watch memos. Mission 1 sets a stage for the Mission 2, without getting to know it the second part won’t be as entertaining.  No app has been developed for the Mission 1. Youtube video below and description here is available for interested patrons.

Some technical notes – please note, preferred device settings for the game is Landscape view with 1024*768 screen size. You may use another device settings but please keep in mind graphics and performance may deviate from originally designed.
BadAsvlad has been developed as a fun project by the amateur with a limited IQ, time and money budget – so please be gracious 🙂 Nonetheless, we really hope you find it entertaining, fun and worthwhile your time.

What do you think about Putin? – few words from the developer

To be sure I hate politics and just like many ordinary people try to stay away from it. But as a Russian citizen who lived in the United States for ten years and now as American citizen staying in Russia I can not entirely avoid politically charged conversations. So it was back in 2017 when my American coworker during the lunch asked me a question that became a starting point of the game. Quite seriously he asked “What do you think about Putin?”. This is one of those typical questions Russians get often asked by Americans. “Can you drink bottle of vodka without blinking?” or “Is it true that Russians have bears at home” are few other examples. To fit a popular narrative I responded “Well, if you watch the mainstream, Putin is a villain, tyrant and medieval tsar, if you don’t, he is just an average guy”.
To continue our lively discussion I asked my coworker exact same question “What do you think about Putin?”. “He is a Bad Ass”, responded quickly my coworker. “What does it mean?”, I inquired with genuine curiosity having not heard such phrase. Then followed long explanation why Putin is so cool and how he alone managed to hack the American system while riding a horse with a bare chest. “Wow, ok, I guess you know about him more than I do”. I smiled, laughed, and was truly amused by his emotional response, although I heard similar expert opinions many many times. “Do you really believe in that crap?” – I responded giggling – “Did not someone say Russia is essentially a giant gas station country? And that it is a half-broken country? By the way, that is why I left it. I don’t think Russians posses such technology nor they have any talented brains left. Maybe KGB agents got drunk and accidentally hacked America?”. Indeed, how the “gas station country” could brake into the heavily guarded police nation like USA was beyond my understanding. And not just mine. In fact, many Russians who immigrated in USA observed the whole Collusion farce with a great amusement and could not believe that comedy. “I guess, Russians aren’t so stupid” was the conclusion among smiling Russian immigrants. The entire 2-year long collusion paranoia seemed to me so ridiculous that it inspired me to create a game which I called precisely what my coworker said about Putin – BadAssVlad. Looks like Bob Mueller missed the central point and will have to reopen the investigation – Russians not just intervened in US elections, they kidnapped and cloned Donald Trump, lol 🙂 Although a satirical fantasy amateur piece of work, this game is an unfortunate reflection of real insanity going on in the American society…

For humor! Current base promotional price is for the first million of downloads, although it is subject to revision and may change without advance notice.

Alternative link to Amazon Appstore (the same app)

Hope you enjoy the BadAsVlad! Thanks again for your interest!

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